Our members are proud to be part of Checkatrainer.com, and they stand by their service. To show their commitment to service, quality and professionalism, every single member has agreed to uphold The Checkatrainer Standard.

Checkatrainer members agree to the following standard:

  • Keep all client details confidential
  • Where applicable provide client engagement letter
  • Provide a list of fees
  • Keep clients progression monitored and recorded and keep clients updated
  • Keep clients notified of any new costs or expenses that alter from the original agreement
  • Be honest
  • Be realistic with reference to time scales on progression in accordance with recognised
  • Industry guidelines, start dates and duration
  • Return all phone messages and correspondence promptly
  • Keep all appointments; if unable to do so, inform clients within an adequate timescale
  • Inform prospective clients if you are unable to accept them as a client and refer them back  to checkatrainer.com to assist in finding an alternative
  • Be courteous and respectful

You give feedback about your experience any time using our online feedback service.

All Checkatrainer members are thoroughly vetted before they are displayed on our website. Checkatrainer is part of the Checkagroup and over the years vetting requirements have been improved and adapted to keep up with government legislation and current laws as well to keep up with our own continuously raising standards. On each of our members’ pages you will be able to see exactly which checks have been carried out and passed.

Interviewed We interview all our members to ensure that Checkatrainer membership is right for them. This also gives us an indication of how they conduct themselves.
Accreditations and Qualifications Not all industry professionals require accreditations so you may not see this on every one of our member’s profiles. However, any accreditations or qualifications you do see advertised on one of our members profiles has been checked and verified by us.
Public Liability Insurance All new members must have valid Public Liability Insurance, to ensure you are covered, before they are advertised on our website. We require up to date copies of their Public Liability Insurance each year upon renewal.
ID checked Each new member must provide us with a valid, in date copy of either a photo driving licence or passport so that we can verify their identity.
References All members are continually monitored with your help. Before they make it onto our site, we contact 5 of their previous customers to find out about their experience and to help us build of a profile of how they conduct their business.
Address verified All new members are required to provide proof of address which is verified by a credible form(s) of documentation.
VAT registered We’ll let you know if a member is VAT registered. We record and display their VAT registration number.